Vampire Facials: Are they worth it?

Let’s get this straight! ‘Vampire facials’ or PRP facials, are not as freaky as they sound, so you can bench your images of garlic, stakes, bats and Transylvania, and start picturing your gorgeous, rejuvenated skin after a PRP therapy session with us.

What is a Vampire Facial? 

The term ‘vampire facial’ is pretty self explanatory. PRP (plasma-rich protein) facials are administered through the extraction of a very small amount of blood from the patient, which is then re-injected into the skin.

The blood extraction is a way of harvesting platelets, which are full of rich proteins that work to heal damaged or neglected tissue and skin.

The extracted blood is spun down in a centrifuge, which separates the red blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. Upon re-injection the platelets release their growth factors which trigger surrounding cells to proliferate, in turn stimulating repair, increasing volume and rejuvenating the skin. 

What does a Vampire Facial do?

This is a targeted repair treatment that can be used to direct growth factors at specific problematic areas.

Not only are vampire facials an effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and plump, tighten and tone skin, but they are also incredibly powerful in reducing acne scarring and combatting hair loss.

PRP therapy can be used to repair and enhance skin around the face, backs of hands, scars and all over the body.

This treatment is commonly used to boost collagen and elasticity in skin of the décolletage and even the knees. The platelet plasma is a great stimulant for collagen, so if it’s anti-ageing you’re looking for, a PRP facial could be for you.

Are there any side effects of PRP therapy? 

PRP therapy is a treatment that we fully believe in, and it brings us so much joy to see the fantastic results on Elegant Beauty Clinic patients.

There are a couple of things to note if you are considering a PRP facial, and we’re here to talk you through every step of the way. Following treatment, the skin may look red and feel bumpy or swollen.

This is a completely normal part of the process ahead of healing and repairing, so ensure that you factor in recovery time for a couple of days after your appointment. It is possible to experience side effects of tenderness, bruising and pain at this time, but this should also fade away as the healing process progresses.

Take gentle care of your complexion post-treatment; we will talk you through your own personal aftercare plan and how best to wash, cleanse and treat your skin after PRP.  As the platelets do their job of repairing and revitalising the skin cells, it may take a few weeks for results to fully develop. However, just one treatment is enough to eventually see some impressive, beautiful results. 

What is PRP treatment good for?

Elegant Beauty Clinic has seen some truly stunning before and afters when it comes to vampire facials and PRP therapy Bournemouth. From the elimination of facial scarring, tightening of ageing and loosening neck skin, to the transformation from the effects of hair loss to healthy, lustrous locks.

As a qualified medical professional, Shikha has a complete understanding of the way in which the body processes this treatment, how results are achieved and how every patient differs.

Over the years many celebrities and public figures have had love affairs with the vampire facial, with many deeming it a ‘fad’ or a useless trend. We know different, and we want to share with you the mind-blowing ways that PRP therapy can be used to achieve healthier, stronger and more youthful looking skin.

How much does PRP treatment cost?

Both Vampire Facial and Hair rejuvenation cost £350 per treatment. 

If you’re considering a PRP facial to get the glam and glow back into your skin, fans of Twilight will know that after all, vampires do glitter!

See you at Elegant very soon. X

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Shikha Rishi

Shikha is a highly experienced aesthetics practitioner, pharmacist and medical professional. After training for a number of years at the world-renowned Harley Street, London and SkinViva, Manchester, Shikha is passionate about delivering top-quality results in every treatment.

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