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Are you tired of trying out different diets without achieving visible results? At Elegant Slim Clinic we understand how hard it is to lose weight. We are here to help you find a way of dropping excess weight that works for you, guided by an experienced weight loss expert. One of the treatments we offer is appetite suppressants, also known as diet pills. They reduce your appetite and make you feel full faster, on less food. Appetite suppressants work as an effective addition to a healthy eating plan and can be very effective for people who carry a lot of extra weight.

Successful weight loss treatment


Feel lighter

Research shows that appetite suppressants can help you lose 5 to 10% of your starting body weight within 12 months.


Improve your lifestyle

Feel better in your own skin with less emotional dependence on food and ability to focus for longer without feeling hungry.


You are in safe hands

Appetite suppressants used by Elegant Slim are FDA-approved for weight loss and therefore safe to use.


This is by far the most successful treatment I have received, Shikha is wonderful with your care and always helpful. I have zero will power and struggle but i ve not only lost the weight on the scales but inches round my waist. I feel a lot more motivated and healthier and definitely have more energy. Shikha is so helpful and supportive (see why I like this one) with your weight loss, within 10 weeks I've lost 2 stone, I'm so grateful for the service provided and would recommend to anyone hat has struggled to lose weight.

Teddy Brookes

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Appetite Suppressant Medication FAQ's


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Shikha's Comment


A word from Shikha on appetite suppressants

Unfortunately, health related illnesses due to excess weight are on the rise. Many people try a number a of differing programmes or diets without success, this often has knock on effects to their wellbeing and sometimes confidence. This treatment programme gives you results! It helps not only reduce weight but also boost confidence. During the journey we spend a lot of time with our clients, working together to provide support and monitor progress, for this reason I’m confident we can achieve the results.

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