Ever been so rushed before your holiday that some of your essentials have been forgotten… well never again!

Your Travel Pharmacy Will Zoom You Now...


Here at Elegant Travel we have joined with Sandbanks Jets to sort out all your health needs for your journey.

Whether it is malaria tablets you need ready for your adventure of a lifetime, travel sickness tablets for the ride or your prescriptions for the other side. We have you covered.

Our Queen of Travel Health Shikha will be your go to health advisor for all your travel related needs.

Shikha is a registered pharmacist and prescriber and specialises in travel health. Shikha offers Zoom consultations wherever you are in the world to give you advice and information on any health concerns you may have. 

Over the last 20 years there is nothing Shikha hasn’t dealt with in regards to health, prescriptions and illnesses so you couldn’t ask to be in more expert hands. 

Elegant Travel offer a wide range of services including:

  • Travel Vaccines

  • COVID Tests - Fit2Fly Tests, Rapid Lateral Flow Tests 

  • Travel Sickness Medication

  • Malaria Tablets

  • Sunburn and Skin Concerns

  • Vitamin Jabs

  • Period Delay Medication

  • Contraceptives

  • Allergies

  • Your Travel Essentials

  • Private Prescription Service

As part of your exclusive package with Sandbanks Jets you will get an online consultation pre travel to discuss all your travel concerns. We also offer an Advanced Elegant Travel Pack that includes all your go to medical needs whilst on board and at your destination.


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