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ZO 3-Step Skin Peel

3-Steps to rejuvenated skin. Repair skin texture, combat anti-ageing and correct pigmentation through exfoliation. Choose from superficial, medium and deep intensity.

Why choose ZO 3-Step Peel?


Powerful anti-ageing

Repair skin texture and correct pigmentation whilst tackling sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.


3 steps to rejuvenated skin

Exfoliate, stimulate and hydrate. A step-by-step process to target both the skin’s upper surface and deeper layers.


Choose your intensity

Three levels of peel intensity; superficial, medium and deep. Make your choice based on the results you want to see, the downtime you can take and the skin irritation that you can tolerate.


My skin is luminous and glowing after the ZO peel. My pores have reduced and my complexion has evened. This peel is packed with vitamins and once the process was complete I was amazed at the results! Totally sold on this treatment thank you Elegant Aesthetic!!

Steph Pratt

Elegant skin

ZO 3-Step Skin Peel FAQ's


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Shikha's Comment


A word from Shikha on ZO 3-Step Peel

ZO Skin Health has created such an innovative skin peel here, it really ticks all the boxes for rejuvenating, repairing and restoring beautiful skin. It’s also great being able to offer three different levels of intensity, so we can tailor your treatment for your needs.

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