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Observ 520x Skin Scanner

The skin is much more complex than can be seen with the naked eye. Many conditions originate in the deep layers of skin and are difficult to diagnose without technological aid. The Observ 520x uses patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology to reveal those conditions, even in the early stages of their development. We make use of this advanced technology to professionally analyse your skin and understand your individual skin concerns. Based on the Observ 520x’s findings, we will draw up a unique, tailor-made skincare plan to help achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Why choose Observ 520x Skin Scanner?


Discover signs of ageing skin

The way shading and shadows are visible on the skin show the signs of aging like loss of collagen, progressive bone changes, decreased elasticity and redistribution of fat. The unique 360 Light Technology enables you to dynamically change the direction of light to reveal even the smallest wrinkles and volume changes in all thirds of the face.


Identify treatments areas dynamically

Signs of ageing skin go beyond the surface of the appearance and are effects of various tissue changes in all layers of the face. These cumulative effects can be explained with an in-depth consultation via the Observ 520x app. This way, personalised treatment plans can be created to help clients reach their rejuvenation goals.


Reveal treatment effects

By comparing the before and after treatment images even small changes in the firmness of the face can be made visible. The patented face positioning system, controlled light and filter technology of the Observ 520x help to take standardised images and to reveal facial treatment results. High quality before and after images enhance aesthetic consultations and contribute to customer engagement, experience and satisfaction.

Elegant skin

Observ 520x Skin Scanner FAQ's

The Observ 520x can assess and diagnose a wide range of skin conditions, including:

Pigmentation disorders, Melasma, Blocked pores, Areas of keratinised skin, Areas of poor circulation, Dehydrated skin, Vascular conditions, Rosacea, Milia, Wrinkle formations, Irritated skin.


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