Skin peels – Are they the secret to a perfect complexion?

One of my most requested treatments at my clinics is chemical skin peels. “PEELING SKIN? That sounds scary!” is often the response I receive when I suggest it to a client who hasn’t heard of the huge benefits a chemical peel can offer.

One of my most requested treatments at my clinics is chemical skin peels.

“PEELING SKIN? That sounds scary!”

is often the response I receive when I suggest it to a client who hasn’t heard of the huge benefits a chemical peel can offer.

To help with those who may have some doubts and questions about peels, I will explain why chemical peeling is not only safe, but there is a chemical peel that is right for everyone, no matter what skin type or condition.

But isn’t it harsh on my skin?

Gone are the days of harsh basic acids that can sometimes be unstable and give unpredictable results as these are now replaced with complex blends of minerals, acids, antioxidants and neutralising agents. These “SMART” peels can target specific skin conditions with much better predictability and can now be recommended for a range of skin types.

The whole point of applying a chemical peel is exfoliation. The strength of each peel corresponds to how deep the acids penetrate, or basically, how much exfoliation is desired. And because exfoliation can improve almost every skin condition such as sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation, most will benefit from a chemical peel.   

The three levels of peels

There are three levels of skin peels: superficial, medium depth and deep.  

Superficial peels penetrate into the upper layers of the skin called the epidermis, removing old skin cells from the surface, and they are typically either a glycolic or a salicylic acid. Superficial peels are recommended for “surface” problems, such as rough texture, skin dullness from ageing, excess oiliness, comedones (commonly known as blackheads) and fine lines. Superficial peeling can reveal more skin radiance, increase smoothness and create a more even skin tone appearance.

Medium depth and deep peels penetrate below the epidermis. These deeper peels induce a controlled wound to the dermis that will begin a healing response that results in more aesthetically pleasing skin. They are typically a blend of acids such as lactic, glycolic, salicylic, phenols, resorcinol, phytic, pyruvic, retinoic acids, and TCA (trichloroacetic acid), etc. These skins peels are recommended for “deeper” skin problems, such as photo-ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation from sun or melasma, acne, and mild acne scarring.

How does it heal?

There may be 3-7 days that the skin will be red as it goes through a peeling process of shedding the old cells as the new cells replace them.

This process is called “re-epithelialization” and usually starts 24 hours after wounding. One of the benefits of this healing process is that it triggers an increase in fibroblast production, a major dermal component of collagen. Improvement in hyperpigmentation, age spots and a more youthful appearance can require repeated peels, but the results can be dramatic.  

OK, what skin peel is right for me?

There are many varieties of chemical peels and knowing which one is right for you may be difficult.

Many factors have to be considered…but don’t panic! I will perform a thorough analysis of the current condition of your skin and discuss with you the correct skin peel treatment protocol.

We offer a full range of peels from superficial to deeper peels from reputable skin peel manufacturers Juliette Armaund, Alumier M.D. and even the WORLD FAMOUS “The Perfect Peel”.

Interested? You can book your next appointment at our clinic here.

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