Do you know enough about travel vaccinations?

Travelling can come with a lot of to-do lists. Have you booked your airport transfer? Have you got travel insurance? Do you need to book a pedicure or spray tan before you go? One thing that is sometimes easy to forget amongst the chaos is travel vaccinations – and they are seriously important. Whether you’re travelling far afield to somewhere tropical or just a mere few hours away, you may require vaccinations to ensure that you stay healthy on your trip.

Here at the Elegant Travel Clinic we offer an A to Z of vaccinations and anti-malarials, period delay treatments, altitude sickness medication, antibiotics for travellers, diarrhoea treatment and jet lag treatment.

We also have our own fully registered pharmacy, allowing us to be competitive on prices for vaccinations and medication. We will happily offer group discounts for large parties such as school and business trips. As a qualified medical professional, Shikha and the team are well equipped to advise you on your travel preparations.

What vaccines do I need before I travel? 

Some infections and diseases are widespread across many locations, whilst others are found in particular countries. Even if you think you do not need a vaccination for where you’re travelling to, it’s always wise to check.

Online services like provide vaccination information for each country, breaking down which diseases can be found where, and the vaccines required to combat them.

Whilst in many cases getting vaccinated is your decision (although it is always highly advised), some countries require proof of vaccination on entry. Always research your country of travel to find out if you need vaccinations, or visit a pharmacist for advice. We have a full pharmacy on site, plus a team of travel experts, who will be able to answer your questions.

How far ahead should I get any needed travel vaccines?

While some vaccinations can be administered relatively last minute, others need weeks or months to fully immunise the body for travel. It is a good idea to check out the vaccines that you need at least 8 weeks before travelling, as some vaccinations involve doses that are split into multiple sessions.

We often have same-day, walk in appointments at Elegant Beauty Clinic if you are in need of vaccinations at short notice, so give us a call to ensure availability.

Getting vaccinated is a quick, easy and painless way to ensure you’ve taken all of the necessary precautions for staying safe on your travels. No one wants to get ill, especially when you’re away from home or on holiday, so we’re here to help you protect yourself, your family and friends and local communities from diseases.

If you’re not sure which vaccination you or your family needs, when to get it, or how much your jabs will cost call is on +44 (0)7498 779511 or get in touch with us!

Happy travelling. X

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Shikha is a highly experienced aesthetics practitioner, pharmacist and medical professional. After training for a number of years at the world-renowned Harley Street, London and SkinViva, Manchester, Shikha is passionate about delivering top-quality results in every treatment.

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