5 Surprising Uses for Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botox®)

We all know that anti-wrinkle treatment is a master at eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, but did you know that Botox® can be used for a whole wealth of purposes? The botulinum toxin used in these injections temporarily weakens or paralyses muscles, causing them to become less ‘stiff’. This characteristic is why Botox® can be used to combat issues throughout the body.

Botox® for Sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be treated effectively by using anti-wrinkle injections. The toxin these injections are made of temporarily blocks the release of chemical acetylcholine within the nervous system, which in turn can stop sweat glands from being overstimulated.

This is why, when injected in the armpit, it can minimise or even entirely prevent sweating. It is most common for hyperhidrosis treatment to be administered in the armpit, however it is possible for this treatment to be targeted at other problem areas such as sweaty palms, forehead or feet. Like many anti-wrinkle treatments the results are temporary, and for that reason many patients choose to treat hyperhidrosis just before summer when their sweating is as its most severe. 

Botox® for Overactive Bladder

The correlation between anti-wrinkle injections and treatment for an overactive bladder is probably puzzling  you, but in 2013 anti-wrinkle injections became an FDA approved treatment for OAB and incontinence. If you often experience the need to urinate immediately after going, need to urinate at least 8 times a day or leak frequently, this may be an important treatment to be aware of. OAB can be treated with medication but does not necessarily work for all patients, which is often why anti-wrinkle injections are recommended.

The injection is administered into the bladder muscle, targeting the nerves that stimulate the need to urinate: calming the nerves and desensitising the trigger.

Squint/Lazy Eye

A slightly less common but effective anti-wrinkle treatment is used to correct a squint or developing ‘lazy eye’. This can be particularly appealing as a non-surgical procedure. Often this type of correction is used to treat young children, but can also be performed on adults.

The injection of a small amount of the toxin into the eye muscle allows the eye to relax, realign or straighten- depending on the condition. This procedure can last from several weeks to 3 months depending on the patient and the severity of the squint, but repeat treatments can help to reduce the issue on a more long-term basis.

Botox® for Migraines

Anti-wrinkle injections are a proven treatment for chronic migraine (15+ headache days a month/4+ hours of headaches per day). These injectables can even prevent chronic migraine before it begins. Migraines are more than just a headache and can cause sensitivity to hearing, sight, and taste, plus tiredness, nausea and other symptoms.

In most treatment cases, the patient will undergo 31 sites of small anti-wrinkle injection around the head, neck and shoulders to target the small nerves that carry pain from the brain. The toxin blocks the pain receptors from reaching  the nerve endings that cause a migraine. This treatment can be repeated every 12 weeks until the patient is no longer experiencing chronic migraines, and some patients will not feel results until after the second treatment.

Botox® for Depression

Mental health and methods of treating and managing depression is a discussion that is being held more and more often. It has been hypothesised that anti-wrinkle injections could potentially help to treat depression and anxiety through weakening and relaxing the muscles that react to ‘negative’ emotions. Grimacing when angry, frowning when sad; the theory is that if the face is restricted from reacting to stress, more positive endorphins will be released and less tension will be held.

Although the long-term treatment of depression can be a journey (and a complicated one at that) the theory of skin smoothing treatment helping to prevent negative emotive reactions may assist in improving day-to-day and short term mood.

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