The face of 2020: Top non-surgical treatments that lift, hydrate and shape

2020 has been a rollercoaster so far; a confusing, frustrating time for many. However, in our little Elegant world we have had time to reflect upon our absolute favourite treatments of this year. Self-care has been a big theme, with lots of us taking time to learn how best to look after ourselves, our bodies and our skin. We’re all striving for that healthy, makeup-free glow, and we think we’ve found the top non-surgical treatments to help lift, hydrate and shape your face. All of these treatments are available at Elegant Beauty Clinic!

Profhilo treatment in Bournemouth

Over the past year there has been a boom in people discovering the wonders of hyaluronic acid– and it’s importance within our skincare routines. HA is a powerful hydrator that boosts collagen production and elasticity in the skin, helping to achieve a plumped and more youthful-looking complexion.

Profhilo uses a high level of hyaluronic acid which is injected just below the skin’s surface, helping to smooth out fine lines and improve overall skin texture. This form of ‘injectable skincare’ works across the entire face and is a more ‘natural looking’ alternative to Botox that will not restrict movement.

We recommend 2 injection sessions at 4 weeks apart, at a rate of £300 per injection. Find out more about Profhilo at Elegant by visiting our profhilo treatment page.


Our favourite little touch of luxury, AquaGold Fine Touch is an incredibly nourishing and restorative treatment– which is entirely personalisable to suit your skin’s needs! If you’re looking to combat pigmentation, dark spots, scarring, enlarged pores, redness, dryness, dullness or loss of elasticity, an AquaGold ‘cocktail’ serum can be formulated especially for you. Even without targeting a particular skin condition, this is a beautiful treatment to help boost that radiance and glow we’re all looking for.

AquaGold gets its name from the specially designed device used during treatments: a micro-infusion facial tool with twenty 24-carat gold screw thread needles that deliver the serum directly into the skin. The tool is gently stamped and rolled upon the treatment area, depositing the ‘cocktail’ of ingredients into thousands of micro-infusion placements. AquaGold can be used on the face, neck, eye area, eyelids and up to the lash line, on and around the lips, back of hands and décolleté.

A regular AquaGold treatment is priced at £350, and we offer a full consultation to help customise your experience. For more information visit our Aquagold Facial treatment page.

Dermal Fillers

Much like Profhilo, dermal fillers are rich in ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid. The key difference is that dermal fillers are used to target specific areas of the face for highly effective results. Dermals can be used to sculpt and shape the cheeks, jawline and chin for a more defined, lifted face shape, plus fill and plump the lips and facial lines. Here at Elegant we use premium brands such as the Juvéderm range which can last from 6 to 18 months, and we always strive for beautiful, natural-looking results!

Our pricing for dermal fillers varies depending on the amount of filler required, but generally Juvéderm Ultra™ (lasting around 6 months) starts from £250 and Juvéderm Vycross™ range (lasting around 12 to 24 months) starts from £390. For more information on dermal fillers and pricing visitour Dermal Fillers treatment page.

Vampire Facial

Far from just a celebrity trend, ‘vampire’ or PRP facials are an incredible way to revitalise your skin. A ‘vampire facial’ procedure sees the extraction of a very small amount of blood from the patient, which is used to harvest protein-rich platelets before being re-injected back into the skin.

This stimulates repair, boosts collagen, enhances radiance and plumps volume– making PRP a great choice for anti-ageing and all-over skin rejuvenation. Not only a magical facial treatment, PRP therapy can also be used to combat hair loss, heal scarring and inject youth back into the neck, hands and décolleté.

Prices start from £350, for more information and pricing visit our Plasma Rich Protein 'Vampire Facial' treatment page.

Deep Peel

We are huge ambassadors of the chemical skin peel; a fantastic way to repair skin texture, rid of dead cells and reveal a beautiful, glowing complexion. A deep peel is the most intense level of our ZO 3-Step Peel, designed to stimulate the deeper levels of skin, exfoliate the skin’s top layer and enhance radiance from beneath the surface.

The peel is administered with a solution of salicylic, trichloroacetic, and lactic acids that intensely hydrate and nourish. Then, a retinol cream is applied to activate cellular function, helping to further collagen production and reduce wrinkles. Lastly, a calming cream is used to restore moisture.

A deep peel is an excellent way to give your complexion the push it needs to naturally restore its own radiance, health and glow! Prices start at £350, explore more here.

You can book your appointment here.

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